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Interviewing as an International Student

Interviews can be nerve-wracking for anyone, but as an international student there is the extra challenge of trying to determine how U.S. cultural norms will manifest in a job interview situation.

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Keys to Writing a Cover Letter

Cover letters can be somewhat daunting to write. I recall sitting for long periods of time staring at my laptop, trying to find the perfect combination of words to impress a potential employer.

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Square One: Create a Resume

It's time to write your resume, and like most, you may cringe at the very thought of it.

The day has finally arrived. The fun and games are over, and it's time to get serious. It's time to write your resume, and like most, you may cringe at the very thought of it. While dread is a natural reaction, creating a successful resume is not as hard as it seems. If you are starting from square one, our guide takes you through the process, step by step. It also includes many helpful hints for resumes in need of revision. Don't forget to check with your school's career center too. They can provide you with resume assistance as well...Read More

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Seven Things to Know Before Writing Your First Resume

There are many rites of passage in every young person's life. Getting your driver's license, graduation day and turning 21 are just a few. But another rite of passage can be even more important to your future -- writing your first resume.

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How to Pinpoint Accomplishments That Will Make Your Resume Shine

Listing your job responsibilities on a resume may get you on an employer's job-candidate roster, but if you note some solid accomplishments as well, you may be able to make the jump onto a recruiter's short list.

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Online Resumes - Do's and Don'ts

Technology has not only changed the way we do business -- it has also dramatically changed the way we hunt for jobs. Why bother driving around town, running from business to business to drop off your resume, when you can canvas the world with a click of your computer mouse?

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Avoiding the "No Pile"

Employers are spending 20-30 seconds skimming over your resume. We've compiled some tips to help you avoid rejection and make it to the "yes" pile.

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